Kennedy Technology Group, Incorporated
4000 W. 6th St. #271
Lawrence, KS  66049
I've "gone Galt" and am doing this part time... My full time obligations don't allow me to return phone calls, but I can respond to your email.

To save time, please include in your email:
1. Make and model of the audio device to be connected
2.  Features of the audio device to be employed
3.  Make and model convenyance you wish to connect the audio device to.
4. If you already have some Kennedy gear, include any part numbers or invoice numbers you can find
relating to the purchase.

No on-line ordering is available.  Please send me an email describing what you want to connect to what kind of conveyance.  
Please include specific device and vehicle makes and models in your email.

Everything is made to order and ships from 5 to 10 business days after receipt of payment.

Please select
Aviation Products
Motorcycle Products





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