For the sport bike or cruiser who wants to connect a zumo or iPhone

Take or make calls... listen to music... get GPS alerts!
Works with all 5 pin DIN headset.

For the Touring Motorcycle Passenger...
Now your passenger can enjoy her own music source or cell phone conversation.

GL1500 Radio Retrofit

adds an Aux Audio Input Connection

Multifunction GPS (GPS/MP3/Bluetooth Cellphone) and iPhone!

These devices do it all: GPS, music, bluetooth cell phone link. We have lots of products to hook this to your bike's audio system.





Connect a device harness audio sources to your bike's intercom system and power. When the device sounds its alarm, you can hear it through both headphones of both headsets.

No batteries... easy installation.... Plug and Play!

Specify bike make and model and device(s) make and model. GPS users: Please indicate whether or not you want unswitched power for the GPS.


Connect this unit to a GPS or Radar Detector and your bike's Auxiliary audio input.

When the GPS or radar speaks, you can hear it on your speakers or headset.



Connect this unit between your stereo audio device (XMRadio or bike powered MP3 Player) and your Harley, Valkyrie, or J&M CB Auxiliary audio input to remove alternator noise caused by ground loops.


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Same as IsoSet2, but with GL1800 specific connectors


Connect a Satellite radio and an MP3 or GPS/MP3 combo unit player your GL1800, Valkyrie Interstate's, JMCB2003, or Harley Davidson Ultra Classic auxiliary input. Provides ground loop isolation.

Connect a satellite radio to its primary input and an MP3 player to its secondary input and the unit automatically switches to the MP3 player in the event of a loss of satellite signal.

Or... connect an iWay to its primary input and a satellite radio to it's secondary input. Listen to music and GPS prompts. Turn off the IWay music and it switches back to satellite. Listen to satellite radio until iWay give GPS directions and the unit switches to the iWay until the voice prompt is over, then switches back to satellite radio.



Connect your Family Radio Service (FRS), or amateur radio to your intercom system!

A wide variety of radio harnesses and PTT options are available.

Available for GL1800, 1500, 1200, Venture and Voyager

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Replacement 5 pin DIN intercom pigtails w/ weather boot for1500 and 1800 GoldWings.